Data Centers

Linux Services - Support

1. CentOs

2. RedHat.

3.Oracle Linux

4. Ubuntu

5. Server Configuration

Professional Services and Consulting.

At Technimports we have experienced and specialized engineers;

We have the full experience to provide on-site and remote support on Linux. CentOS, RedHat, Oracle Linux and Ubuntu.

We have carried out support projects in Bogota, Colombia and the United States.

We also provide Linux servers and we have the best solutions that can be tailored to your needs without forgetting the simplicity of operation with high levels of availability for your information, security and communication of your company.

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Linux Virtualization

We offer a comprehensive and adaptable portfolio of server virtualization and storage solutions ensuring high availability.

Advantages: - Reducing Capital and Operational Costs on Servers
- High Availability
- Easy administration and maintenance
- Provisioning Versatile Applications and Resources
- Contingency plans and online information backups

1. Virtualization on Linux environment

2. Virtualization over Microsoft Hyper-V

3. VMWARE Virtualization

4. Support

5. Consulting and Planning

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